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Our program depends on external funding to be able to function. Most of our work is supported by grants from the government, as well as grants from foundations and industry partners.

Private donations help us support students, explore research ideas, and meet the funding needs that are not otherwise covered by these existing grants. They help support our mission, help keep staff employed, and help contribute to our efforts to reach out to the local and national community.

With this in mind, please consider donating to support our program. Since the University is a nonprofit organization, donations are tax-deductible.

 There are three types of donations:


These donations support our program in general and will go to areas where they are most needed. They help support our mission and the Sleep and Health Research Program can direct these resources to help us respond most rapidly to to unanticipated or emergent demands. These sorts of gifts can help us send a student to a conference to present their work, or develop new educational materials for the community, or some other activity that is usually not supported by regular grant funds.

Find out more about how to support us with a gift.


These donations help to support specific programs or projects. They can be used to increase support for an ongoing project or they could help fund a new initiative. Either way, you can specifically direct how these funds are appropriated. We can work together to explore new avenues and come up with creative solutions to poor sleep health.

Find out more about how to support us with targeted investment.


These represent one of the most powerful ways that you can support our work. Since the funds are endowed, they contribute in perpetuity. Furthermore, you can direct how these funds are spent. Since they are endowed, they can be named in your honor or in the honor of someone that you wish. This could be a named scholarship, or training opportunity, or professorship.

Find out more about how to support us with endowed funds.


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