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Maps and Directions

Our lab is located at the Sleep Center, located on the 11th floor of the Gates Building, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

See below for information on:

- Getting to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

- Finding our Lab once you are inside the hospital

Getting to the Hospital:

Our address is: 3400 Spruce Street, 11th Floor, W Gates Building, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

You can find a map of our address using the Penn Campus Map or Google Maps.


You can click the map above for driving directions. The Hospital is very close to public transportation, including many bus routes, all Trolley routes (with nearby stops at 36th and/or 37th St.), the Market-Frankford Line (34th St.), and Regional Rail (University City station).

Here is some more information about visiting the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania:

- Visitor Guide (PDF)
- Driving Directions
- Maps and Floor Plans
- Parking
- Public Transportation

Do you need personalized driving directions?

Finding our Lab

There are two entrances to the Hospital that will take you to our Lab.

From the Main Entrance (34th and Spruce)

From the Gates Entrance (Spruce between 34th and 36th)

If you enter from the Main Entrance on the corner of 34th and Spruce, you will enter the Ravdin building, on the Ground Floor. Once inside, go up the escalator to the First Floor, and turn RIGHT. (If you turn LEFT, you will enter the Silverstein building). This is what you should see.

Follow the hall past the Gift Shop until you get to a T-intersection. You are now in the White building. You should see this:

Turn LEFT and proceed down the hall into the Dulles building.

Just past the Dulles elevators, you will see a stairway on your RIGHT.

You are now in the Gates building.

Take those stairs down to the Ground Floor.

You should now see where you would have entered the building if you had arrived through the Gates entrance.

From the Gates Entrance:

Enter the doors to your right as you enter the building.

You should now be on the Ground Floor of the Gates building. Right around the corner should be the Gates visitor elevators.

Go to these elevators.

Take these elevators to the 11th floor.

Once you get off the elevator, turn LEFT, and see the double doors. Just before the double doors, you should see an office with Rebecca Lang's name on the door.

Just knock!

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